ZG applies the management system in line with the EN ISO 9001:2008 standard for following scope: design, manufacturing and maintenance of dies, moulds, stamping part and high-precision parts. 

The competition advantage of ZG is the thorough technical know-how, long-time experience of the employees, high quality of products, cost advantage, wide product portfolio, and quick and timely supply (high production speed), which has secured the company its strong position among the competitors. 

For ensuring its quality policy, ZG has adopted the following principles: 

•  customer orientation
•  leadership
•  involving people
•  process-centred approach
•  systematic approach to management
•  continuous improvement
•  decision-making based on facts
•  mutually useful relations with suppliers. 

ZG has elaborated, documented, implemented its quality system and kept it up-to-date and constantly increases its expedience and efficiency.
At the system level: 

•  The necessary basic and support processes have been defined,
•  Their order and mutual connection has been determined,
•  The criteria, (measurable/assessable goals of processes fixed in procedures) and methods (the existence of up-to-date procedures, monitoring/measuring of processes, analysis, audits, management review, and improvement activities) have been defined to ensure the efficient and well-managed operation and control of these processes,
•  The availability of resources and information necessary for the functionality of these processes has been guaranteed,
• These processes are observed, evaluated and analyzed and
•  The necessary activities are implemented to achieve the planned results and constantly improve the processes. 


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